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Decorative materials for use in Card manufacturing applications.  Please refer to the list below for  Decorative Materials & Inks -  Sands Effect® Materials.   H.W. Sands Corp. also offers a full line of Scratch & Sniff Inks, Texture Inks, and specialty items such as Dimensionals by Sands® .  
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Clear Card Products
Decorative Materials & Inks
   Sands Effect® Materials
       Janus Effect® Inks
       Fluorescent Pigments & Inks
       Photochromic Materials
Pearlescent Materials
Glitter Materials & Inks
       Color Shift Pigments & Inks         
Dimensionals by Sands®      
Scratch and Sniff Inks

Metallic Inks
High Transparent Inks
Photoluminescent Materials
Metalized Holographic Foil
  & OVD Prelam Materials

Catalog Number Product Name Application Abs. Max. (nm)