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H.W. Sands Corp. offers a variety of patented Pre-laminated products and sub-assemblies to plastic card manufacturers that extend card life up to ten years. These proprietary materials withstand over 500,000 flexes, the most durable plastic card material in the world. We offer these composite materials in sheets as well as roll form, both ready for further processing.

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Clear Card Products
Decorative Materials & Inks
   Sands Effect® Materials
       Janus Effect® Inks
       Fluorescent Pigments & Inks
       Photochromic Materials
Pearlescent Materials
Glitter Materials & Inks
       Color Shift Pigments & Inks         
Dimensionals by Sands®      
Scratch and Sniff Inks

Metallic Inks
High Transparent Inks
Photoluminescent Materials
Metalized Holographic Foil
  & OVD Prelam Materials

Catalog Number Product Name Application Abs. Max. (nm)
Plain Brushed Silver Two Sides Foil Prelam Foil Prelam