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Scratch and Sniff Encapsulated Fragrances

H.W. Sands is proud to introduce our newly developed line of Scratch and Sniff Encapsulated Fragrances!  Designed for print systems of all types, our Scratch and Sniff Inks are available in Offset, Flexo and Screen (UV Cure, Solvent and Aqueous compatible) and are applicable to both paper and plastic substrates!

With over 60+ standard fragrances available, we are fully prepared to offer our customers with the highest quality product available on the market today.
   Over 60+ standard fragrances available

Custom Frangrance Synthesis can easily be facilitated Can't find when you're looking for?  Not to worry, Custom Fragrance Synthesis can easily be facilitated to satisfy your project needs!
For additional information regarding our Encapsulated Fragrance line and how H.W. Sands can be of assistance with your current application, please contact our Customer Service Team to provide you with the right solutions!    H.W. Sands Encapsulated Fragrance line

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Scratch & Sniff Recommendations

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