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MSA8551 and MSA8552
Color Shift Solvent Inks


MSA8551 - Copper Bronze to Green Color Shift Solvent Ink


MSA8552 - Green to Blue Color Shift Solvent Ink

MSA8551 and MSA8552 were formulated to achieve a color shift effect which is dependent on the angle of view.  This property makes it ideal for use in applications where unique security or decorative effects are desired.  In one-coat applications, using darker base color can significantly enhance the contract and visibility of the effect. 



MSA4368: Reflective Silver UV Screen Ink


H.W. Sands Corp. MSA4368 Reflective Silver UV Screen Ink is the ideal solution for a highly reflective printed surface, post lamination.  The ink is designed for spot printing logos, and other effects that we traditionally done with foil or hot stamping.   The MSA4368 is a better solution for these applications due to the ease of printing and the durability of the finished product.  

As the industry migrates to chip and antenna cards, metal content and material thickness are becoming key concerns.  Replacing metal foils with the MSA4368's spot printing capability is key to maintaining effects while improving ESD and Antenna performance in EMV cards.   Printing also allows the manufacturer to save space in the stack by eliminating the foil thickness.   MSA4368 also eliminates manufacturing waste typically associated with foil use. This ink also provides outstanding print definition in the UV cured format.  These two factors make the ink an environmentally friendly product alternative. The MSA4368 is manufactured in the United States and distributed globally.    


MSA4444 Black IR Blocking Ink for Clear Cards  
H.W. Sands Corp. is also launching a new Transparent Black IR Blocking Ink. Through a unique dye and ink formulation we were able to achieve a transparent black color while maintaining ISO compliance for IR opacity in ATM's and Payment Terminals.   This solvent screen print ink joins our 12 other colored IR Blocking inks to give the card designer and manufacturer the widest possible range of design options for the modern Clear Card.



H.W. Sands Corp. is now the distributor for "3M® MULTI Layer OPTICAL FILMS" in Latin American (Mexico, Central & South America), Taiwan and Thailand in the Asian Region, Eastern & Western Europe, Russia and the Middle East!  

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