Technical Data Sheets and Presentations 

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Printing Inks Pigments and Dyes        

  IR Blocking Inks 
  Janus Effect Inks
  Photochromic Inks 
  Scratch & Sniff Encapsulated Fragrances
  Scratch & Sniff Recommendations 
  Visible Opaque Dyes

  Glitter Pigments
  Holographic Glitter
  Inorganic Color Shift Pigments
  Iridescent Glitter Pigments
  Metallic Glitter Pigments
  Pearlescent Glitter Pigments 
  Photochromic Dyes & Pigments 
  Photochromic Inks Technical Data Sheet

H.W. Sands Presentations

Scrambled Indicia Presentation


  Dimensionals by Sands ® 
  Dimensionals by Sands ® Construction System
  Opacity Tester

  Scrambled Indicia Security