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Color Shift Pigments


Sands-Secure® COLOR SHIFT organic and inorganic pigments use optical reflective effects to display distinct color changes depending on the angle viewed.  These pigments can be used independently to create paints, inks, coatings, etc., or combined with pigments of other colors to yield an exceptional range of color shift possibilities. 

Application Suggestions

Paints, inks, powder coatings, plastics and packaging.  Sands-Secure® color shift pigments are characterized by extremely simple dispersion in all media, and yield an exceptional range of color shift possibilities when combined with other colored pigments.  The color shift makes it ideal for the creation of a wide range of effect colors by application in a transparent binder.  In one-coat applications, the substrate base color can be chosen to modify or mute the impact of the color shift.

Product Properties


Color Pair


Azure Gold-Green to Deep Blue ADA6912
Cassius Violet to Green-Blue ADA3585
Cyprus Copper to Bronze-Green ADA3948
Valeri Turquoise to Silver ADA5794
Vienna Green to Orange-Red ADA7486
Sunflower Gold to Green to Bronze ADA4292
Rose Rose to Pink to Gold ADA1847
Orchid Purple to Pink ADA2415

Sands-Secure® color shift pigments can be used where a subtle overt method of authentication and verification is required (e.g. ID cards, packaging, etc.).

All applications using this product should be thoroughly tested prior to approval for production.

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Catalog Number Product Name Application Abs. Max. (nm)
Azure: Gold/Green-Deep Blue Color Shift Pigment Inorganic Color Shift
Cassius: Violet-Green/Blue Color Shift Pigment Inorganic Color Shift
Valeri: Turquoise-Silver Color Shift Pigment Inorganic Color Shift
Vienna: Green-Red/Orange Color Shift Pigment Inorganic Color Shift