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From gift cards to calling cards and to ATM cards, the card technology is so integrated in the daily lives of people all over the world they are usually taken for granted.  This detailed polymer science combined with complex liquid chemistry has allowed people easy assess to electronic funds, security entrances and international phone conversations.



H.W. Sands Corp. has supplied the expanding card industry with tools to create and manufacture unique and exclusive cards.  Due to our expertise in the market, H.W. Sands Corp. sits on the ISO’s B-10 committee, the international committee that sets the standards for transaction cards. 

Banks and Card Manufacturers trust H.W. Sands Corp. for: 

I.  Clear Card Printing Inks
  1.   Clear Card Products

II.  Decorative Materials & Inks

1.    Sands-Effect® Materials
2.    Janus Effect Inks
3.    Fluorescent Pigments and Inks
4.    Photochromics
5.    Pearlescent Materials
6.    Glitter Materials and Inks
7.    Color Shift Pigments & Inks
8.    Dimensionals by Sands®
9.  Scratch and Sniff Inks
10.  Metallic Inks
11.  High Transparent Inks
12.  Photoluminescent
13.  Metalized Holographic Foil & OVD Prelam Materials


Catalog Number Product Name Application Abs. Max. (nm)