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Custom Synthesis 

With the twenty-plus years of service to the Imaging Industry, H.W. Sands Corp. has developed a wealth of experience that our customers have come to rely upon.  Our custom synthesis program was developed to fulfill the needs of our customers to solve individual project problems.

Synthesis can be done according to your pre-existing manufacturing procedures or custom developed to accommodate your exact specifications.  Our technical group is very knowledgeable in scale-up and process optimization, which means we can support you throughout the project, from research through production. 

Timely deliveries, cost effective productions, risk protections, and problem resolutions provide you with a reliable and experienced service that you can trust.


3 x 30 gallon glass lined, jacketed reactors
100 gallon glass lined, jacketed reactor
50 gallon glass lined, jacketed reactor
5 gallon SS jacketed vessel
50 gallon SS jacketed vessel
100 gallon SS jacketed vessel
30 gallon glass lined jacketed vessel
3 tray drying ovens
High pressure, fluidic particle size reducer



UV-Vis Spectrophotometers
X-Rite Colorimeter
Wet chemistry support

Contact us for Custom Synthesis projects.

For further details or Technical Data Sheets, please contact our Customer Service team for assistance.       

    CAS Registered Functional Dyes
       Functional Dyes
          NIR Dyes
          Visible Dyes
UV Dyes
          Laser Transfer Dyes
       Laser Dyes
       Thermal Transfer Dyes
       Ink Jet
       IR Blocking Inks

Electronics & Display
      Bucky Balls
       Organic Thin Film Transistor (OTFT)
       Recordable Media
       Visible Opaque Dyes
    Custom Synthesis

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