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IR Blocking Screen Inks

H. W. Sands’ series of IR Blocking Screen Printing Inks are unique in that they strongly absorb in the Near IR region of 800nm -1000nm and transmit a high percentage of light in the visible spectrum (400nm - 700nm). These inks have been specially formulated for the production of translucent transaction cards to meet the infrared wavelength range requirements of the ISO/IEC 7810:2003 specification for transmission density (O.D.) of 1.3 from 800nm – 950nm and 1.1 from 950nm – 1000nm.

Transaction cards printed with these inks, in accordance with the guidelines herein, should perform properly in ATM machines and other readers possessing IR sensors to detect the presence of the card.     
These inks are similar in structure and body to conventional solvent screen inks; however, the highly technical dyes used in their production necessitate special consideration in their storage and use. While each screen printing operation has its own differences and nuances, H. W. Sands IR Blocking Screen Inks are formulated to work around these differences. This bulletin outlines procedural guidelines that should be followed to obtain the optimum, desired results. 

MSD4800 - Neutral NIR Blocking Ink for Silk Screen
MSK4844 - Light Grey NIR Blocking Ink for Silk Screen

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Catalog Number Product Name Application Abs. Max. (nm)
IR Blocking Screen Printing Ink covering 800-1000nm (Yellow/Green Tint) IR Blocking Ink 800-1000
Neutral NIR Blocking Ink for Silk Screen IR Blocking Ink
Low Odor Light Grey NIR Blocking Printing Ink for Silk Screen IR Blocking Ink
Intense Orange IR Blocking Screen Ink IR Blocking Ink
Neutral NIR Blocking Ink for Silk Screen IR Blocking Ink
Screen Ink Cleaning Solution Screen Ink Cleaning Solution