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H.W. Sands Security - Security Solutions

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Single versus Layered Solutions

ID Classifications / Security Measures

Overt - Visible/On-Site Detection

Anti-Copy Colors
3-Dimensional Holo-Glitter
MultiPlex – Visible, Bi-Functional UV-Vis & Fluorescent Edge Effect
Special Effect Synthetic Fibers

Covert - Invisible/On-Site Detection

UV Luminescent
IR Upconverter
NIR Absorbing
UV Fluorescent Markers
Photochromic Dyes and Pigments
IR Audible Tracer Taggant Powder
*  PTEC (Polarized / Latent Image Technology) Labels*
    Adhesive Labels
    Tamper-Evident Labels
    Lamination Strips
*  Printable Hidden Image – Computer Graphics-Based Software Technology*
MultiPlex by Sands - Visible, Dual-ID UV-Vis & Fluorescent Edge Effect
* Decoder Required for Authenticaiton  

Forensic Technologies - Invisible/Off-Site Detection

Encrypted Elemental Taggants (Forensic On-Site Equipment Available)
Track & Trace for Pharaceuticals and Manufacturing

Layered solutions combine overt, covert and/or forensic measures, multiple lmeasures within identification classes and combinations thereof.  Periodic substitution of security measures achieves randomness and therefore further enhances anti-counterfeiting.

Typical layered solution examples include:

Color-Shift (Overt) + UV-Vis (Covert)
Microparticles (Overt) + IR Taggant (Covert)
MultiPlex (Overt & Covert) + Thermochromic (Overt)
UV-Vis (Covert) + DNA (Forensic)
MultiPlex (Overt & Covert) + IR Taggant (Covert )


For additional information on any of our security technologies please contact our Customer Satisfaction Team.