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Chemicals for the Imaging Industry           

ADA7320 -- Fluorescent Pigments  ADA7320 -- Fluorescent Pigments    ADA7261 -- Fluorescent Fibers  ADA7261 -- Fluorescent Fibers

H.W. Sands Corp. offers a variety of specialty chemicals and products.  Our efforts continue to provide high quality performance materials for the Imaging Industry. 

I. Imaging

  1.  NIR Dyes
  2.  Laser Dyes
  3.  Laser Transfer Dyes
  4.  Thermal Transfer Dyes
  5.  Electrophotography
  6.  Ink Jet
  7.  IR Blocking Inks
  8.  UV Absorbing Dyes

II. Electronics & Display

  1.  Bucky Balls  
Organic Thin Film Transistor (OTFT)
  4.  Recordable Media

III.  Miscellaneous

  1.  Intermediates
  2.  CAS Registered Functional Dyes
  3.  Custom Synthesis
  4.  Visible Opaque Dyes