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DORS 1010


Product Name Television Magnifier With Built-in IR/White Lighting
Comments For use with EQP1200 and EQP1204

DORS 1010 is equipped with the built-in video camera with two-band lighting – infrared and white. This television magnifier allows performing detailed visual authenticity verification of bank notes, securities, passports, excise duty stamps and other security printing documents. 

Functional Capabilities:
-  Reflected oblique infrared light control with 10x magnification. 
DORS 1010 allows checking the appropriateness of location, border between IR visible and IR invisible images, shape and structure of the protective IR-marks, images made by IR-metameric inks.
The picture on DORS 1100 (DORS 1200) monitor is black and white. 
-  Reflected oblique white light control with 10x magnification. 
DORS 1010 provides verification and investigation of printing types, graphical protecting elements (micro texts, micro images, etc.), latent images, security holograms, printing defects and possible erasures.
The picture on the DORS 1100 (DORS 1200) detector monitor is color.
Switching between the control modes is performed by subsequent pressing of the LIGHT-SELECT button on the television magnifier.
Types of Control:
Infrared control (magnification 10х) 
 -  Reflected oblique white light control (magnification 10х)  
Technical Specification:

  -  Oblique IR (940 nm) – 2 IR-optical diodes 
  -  Oblique white light – 2 daylight optical diodes 

Power Supply 12 V (from DORS 1100, DORS 1200)
Size Width 71 mm
Depth 53 mm
Height 51 mm
Net Weight Approx. 0.1 kg