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H.W. Sands is constantly updating and adding new products and materials to our inventory.  Our goal is to provide the latest and most advanced chemical, card and security technologies on the market.

H.W. Sands Corp. is proud to announce our new train sublimation equipment installation incorporating the highest purification process...

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H.W. Sands Corp. announces its new full line of UV Curable Screen Inks

H.W. Sands Corp. is proud to announce their new full line of UV Curable Screen Inks for the card manufacturing industry.  H.W. Sands Corp.’s new line of UV Curable Inks span from rich and vibrant opaque and transparent colors to printable signature panel inks as well as  printable adhesives, dielectric coatings, printable conductive silver, metallic’s and PANTONE® or custom color matching.

UV Curable Inks have been referred to as the future of the card industry due to their major advantages.  These advantages include, but are not limited to, the ability to achieve outstanding print definition while introducing a heightened efficiency in card manufacturer’s production and processing departments.  

UV Inks are considered a “GREEN” alternative as they do not contain the harmful, toxic and harsh chemicals that are used in traditional solvent screen inks formulations.  As such, the ease of transport decreases overall production and card job costs as H.W. Sands Corp.’s UV Curable Inks are not regulated by DOT or IATA.

H.W. Sands Corp.’s UV Curable Screen Inks are Made In The USA and offer card manufacturers crisp, clean, highly defined and unique card designs.  With prompt availability, card manufacturers are invited to experience the future of the card industry. 

Discover why UV Screen Inks are the next generation of Inks for the card industry!
UV Screen Product Category Overview:
  •   UV Clear
  •   Transparent Inks
  •   Special Effects
  •   Pigment Inks & Dye Inks
  •   Opaque White & Black
  •   Printable Adhesives
  •   Metallic
  •   Dielectric Coatings
  •   Standard Process Colors
  •   Signature Panel
  •   Color/PANTONE® Match
  •   Additives
  •   Functional
  •   Conductive Silver

For more information on the H.W. Sands Corp. UV Screen Ink Series; please contact us by phone at +1-561-743-8090 or email

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